The Vietnamese Community of Georgia (VNCGA) was originally established in 1993 on December 19, representing the first wave of a few thousand refugees resettled in the State of Georgia after the fall of Saigon. In 1999 the VNCGA was incorporated with the Secretary of State’s Office. Since our founding, the population has grown to over fifty thousand residents consisting of many differentiations formed by geographical, socio-economic and demographic factors creating different needs and interests within our community in Georgia.

In response to the new and complex nature of our community, a new board of directors of eight members was elected in January 2004 with staggered terms, to serve the Vietnamese community by bridging the above stated gaps with new and innovative initiatives. For overa decades, the VNCGA’s work has expanded to address other unmet needs experienced by the Vietnamese as they build new lives here. By partnering with many great sponsors over the years, our annual Tet arts and cultural festival attracted thousands of people in attendance including many federal and state officials, as well as representatives from local agencies.

The VNCGA’s program initiatives currently include: cultural arts, networking & outreach, educational and social justice advocacy. All of the VNCGA’s activities focus on helping Vietnamese (and other Asian) people overcome challenges and obstacles, to advance and contribute in meaningful ways to the greater community. The VNCGA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

VNCGA works cooperatively with a wide range of other Vietnamese community organizations, private corporations, non-profit organizations and many individuals regarding employment, social service and health related issues.

The VNCGA strives for the fostering and development of important partnerships with a wide range of Asian Social agencies and organizations from the broader community. Our collaborating relationships include: Vietnamese Social Services, Vietnamese Broadcasting of Georgia (TNT, Tre Newspaper, VietTimes Newspaper, University of Georgia’s Vietnamese Student Association, Hung Vuong association of Georgia, local dance groups, local Vietnamese Buddhist temples and churches,  and the Georgia Secretary of State.

Our Mission

To preserve and enrich our cultural heritage through educational initiatives; cooperate with other Vietnamese associations in unified actions for the benefit of the Vietnamese community; and promote cross-cultural interaction and foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the Vietnamese community and other communities.

In January 2010, our mission was revised to include:

  • Preservation and enrichment of our cultural heritage through educational initiatives;
  • Cooperation with other Vietnamese and South East Asian organizations in unified actions for the benefit of the Vietnamese community.
  • Promotion of cross-cultural interaction and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between the Vietnamese community and other communities;
  • Advocacy and promotion of the socio-economic influence and well-being of the Vietnamese Community in Georgia.

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